No…. well maybe…

One of the hardest parts of a weight loss journey is saying no. It’s the constant fear of missing out of whatever the yummy thing is.

Yesterday, I came into contact with several situations, some I successfully averted- marshmallow and Chex combo (which I would have been psyched to eat), and others which I failed -Costco samples- which I did eat.

Then there are the “a little bit better than you were before” moments. I had an awesome home made steak dinner, and I stared at the wine thinking I don’t “need” wine, but I absolutely love it. So, I went ahead with a shot glass of wine rather than a typical 2 glasses.

Honestly it’s hard to say no to yummy things and willpower is finite. So the only thing I can think to do is make a habit of what and when I eat, hopefully it will get easier to make good decisions while living a normal life.

Goal: drink at least 60 oz of water (not including tea) a day. Yes I know it should be more… baby steps!