Just keep swimming

You’ve been working hard and doing great. What happens though when you get bored? A month goes by and the salads are getting boring, the chicken is getting bland, and the broccoli is a little nauseating. The old ways look better and better or at least easier.

This is when you need to think back to why you started this journey. Write it down, remind yourself. Then remember that you are building long term habits and just keep going. You may not be perfect every day, or you lose less than you’d like but you just keep going. Dory comes to mind, “just keep swimming.”

The behaviors need to become so ingrained as habit that thought is taken out of the equation. Then, find ways to jazz up meals and make them more exciting. I love hello fresh (or other meal services) for this. Hit the gym at least 4 days a week. Start a diet bet or competition to re-energize. Stay away from the junk, if it’s processed just say no whenever possible. This is a long journey, and will power can’t hold for very long. Just remember, habits are the most important part now.

I am finally in the habit of over medium eggs on spinach every day with broccoli and tomatoes, avocado, and lemon. Sometimes I add in something for excitement (figs or dates). I vary my dinner every day and snacks are apples, popcorn, or cottage cheese.

I work out 4 days a week minimum and if I’m being really good I hit 6.

Sometimes I stumble and eat junk, or drink more than my allocated amount of wine. That’s ok I keep going. 1lb, 1/2lb, 5lbs, a loss is a loss and I am proud of it. Just keep going, these are life changes and they need to roll with your life.

Original goal: 100 lbs

Current loss: 23 lbs

Left to go: 77 lbs

Quick before and after


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