Non scale victories

I was moving into a new home and starting to get burnt out. I was mentally and physically drained. I decided to keep it light for a few days and gave myself a break. I moved in, cleaned, spent time with friends, danced and played quite a bit. I made some questionable food choices (agreed to Wendy’s) but nothing nearly as bad as I might’ve done prior to starting (I chose to eat the chili with 1 saltine).

My big goal for this month was to hit 2 miles straight at a minimum of 5 mph. I was working out pretty hard daily and I could feel all my muscles and body fatigued. Some days I would hit 1/4 mile and need to walk then pick up the run again cycling back an forth. This week I gave myself a break. I limited running and just did basic low level exercise.

So you may say, “wow, this sounds like a bad week for weight loss,” but here is how I am looking at it. Before I started this journey I was eating 4 for 4 at Wendy’s. I was baking cookies whenever, and not working out. I wasn’t even being conscious of movement. Now I am actively conscious of all my decisions: exercise, food, sleep, water intake.

So will I see a loss on the scale this week? Maybe, maybe not. For someone like me who dives into things head first, having a week without a loss would be a major failure, but this time is different. I’m committed to life changes and that means every week it is not all or nothing. I work hard, and eat healthy, but accept some limitations along the way.

This morning I felt full of energy again, I went to the gym and ran a mile straight through (plus a little extra) hit the weights. I went right back to eating the way I should (2 eggs with spinach broccoli, and a little lemon to help iron absorption).

So this week I am proud that I was able to take a life change in stride and not stress eat or fall off the boat. I’m proud that I FINALLY ran a mile straight. I’m proud that I easily got right back on track. For better or worse I’m making these changes for life.

Goal: 100lbs

Progress: 18.2 lbs (as of last wed)

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