The cohabitation struggle

One of the hardest parts of trying to lose weight is living with someone who isn’t on the same plan. The smell of yummy, completely off plan food permeating the air all around. As a person with serious FOMO this is especially hard.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your sanity is get everyone in your household on board. Kids, partner, roommates whatever it takes. Make yummy meals and get them excited about eating fresh home made meals. I know this can be especially hard for people with picky kids / partners. Ask your family to support you, and hold them to it. If they want to get unhealthy food out of the house, fine, but keep it out of the house.

If you have to keep something around for other family members, try to make sure it isn’t anything with a strong enticing smell, and do not choose your trigger foods. Tell yourself it’s gross and try to feel legitimately turned off by it.

As strong as you are, you only have a limited amount of will power. Try not to test it too often, it’s a recipe for failure.

“Own your today”


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