Week 2 try and try again

Note: Day is where you start but you do all of the exercises, 30 sec each 3x after each round run up and down 4 flights of stairs.


I set a new goal for myself, to be able to run 2 miles straight, at a minimum of 5mph the whole time. This may seem like a small feat to some, but I am an awful runner. I have been trying to hit a mile and still need to walk .1 every .3 miles.

I went to the gym yesterday and could not muster the needed energy to run. Eric had suggested building up muscle to run harder with leg work. so I jumped into a “total body conditioning” class. Oh. My. Gosh. I was by far the least athletically capable person in the room. Everyone was doing Spider-Man (like mountain climber but feet landing next to hands), I was doing maybe 1 leg shift to their 3-4. They did full side planks, I was on my knees. By the last 15 minutes this teacher was doing wall climbs with feet on the wall holding a decline and pulling in one leg at a time, and I was just done. I thanked him and went downstairs, ready for my run (which was better than expected but not where I want to be yet).

So although I couldn’t keep up and probably looked silly I think there is one important thing to note: I will be going again. I will be going back several times a week, because the only way to improve is to keep practicing and pushing your body to do what you are asking for. I think this is where many people fail. They see they aren’t good at something and they decide that means they shouldn’t do it. I see it as a challenge.

Week 2 updates:

Goal 100 lbs

Left to lose: 86.8

This week: down 14.2 lbs

Notes:this seems like a lot but I didn’t wear sneakers this time because I had boots so I pulled shoes out of equation. Also water weight drops in first 2 weeks. Let’s not get too excited here!


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