All the naked ladies and me

I was the kid who always thought it was strange when women would walk around naked in the gym. Even into my 20’s it still made me a little uncomfortable to be in the sauna surrounded by naked women.

Today I walked into the gym slightly ill prepared. I had packed my things the night before (change of clothes, breakfast, lunch, work badge, etc) . I woke up at 3:30 am, drove to the ferry, took the ferry into the city, walked up some treacherous hills, and arrived at the gym by about 6:15. Then it hit me, I had forgotten a bathing suit, flip flops for the shower, and a hairbrush- never mind mascara (I can’t even deal with that today). So I decided it didn’t matter, I was going to workout anyway, I mean I had already gotten this far.

I did my run and weights, then entered the locker room where I was pretty much surrounded by naked people. I scoped out the situation- naked in the hot tub, naked in the steam room, naked in the sauna. For the first time in my life I just had zero F**ks to give. I got undressed, and grabbed 2 towels, since each one only covered about 1/2 my body (who makes these gym towels anyway!?!?!) and did it. I showered shoeless- I probably won’t do that again, I’m not that brave. Then went to the steam room naked, chair covered by towel of course, STDs scare me. Finally after a second cool shower, I enjoyed the sauna, naked.

So here is what I will say. No one wants to be judged poorly, but at some point the level of giving a đź’© decreases dramatically. So as long as no other women are sketchily taking pictures and posting online, I just don’t care anymore. Big, small, in great shape, not in great shape, I just will not let anything hold me back from enjoying life anymore.

Welcome to being in the 30’s age group.


One thought on “All the naked ladies and me

  1. I was about 30ish when I stopped caring. The gym here in uptown is filled with naked women. Nobody looks or even really cares. Strut your stuff you’re sexy as hell!

    And yes those gym towels are waaaaaaaay too small!


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