Cooking at home

I am not the person who cooks typically. Actually my dad would refer to my food as “chicken food” aka the stuff you feed chickens (pre-packaged).

This last year I asked my friend Christina to teach me to cook. Her food is the kind you hope to get invited over for because it’s always better than anything you’ll get at a restaurant. She agreed and showed me how to make a couple key recipes which I used several times through the following months.

Then when visiting my mother she got me into making hello fresh meals. They pushed my confidence level up further.

I’ve been using what I’ve learned, and have cooked pretty much every night this week. The food is killer and I’m slowly but surely getting better. I feel full and know my food is healthy. No risk of hidden calories or sugar.

So to anyone looking to learn how to cook, using some of the fresh delivery services is a great idea. Even if you do it for a month it will probably be the cheapest lessons around!

Good luck and happy cooking:


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