The Beginning

Woke up at 1:30 in the morning, and couldn’t shake the thought of wanting to go work out immediately.

I tried to go back to sleep, since the gym doesn’t actually open for a while and this is ridiculous. Just can’t. So now I’m dressed in my work out clothes. Change of clothing for work is packed up, and somehow I still can’t sleep.

I think my body knows it’s time to drop the sugar and hit it hard again. I keep waking up every morning thinking “NO MORE SUGAR” then by about 10 am I’m eating sugar.

Something feels different today though. Today feels like my body is sick of my shenanigans and it’s at the point of fighting back.

So I look up Keto recipes, still can’t fall asleep. Found a weight watchers meeting. No sleep. My body needs some sort of action to happen. So here I am, starting a blog, at 3:18 am. This is not a new year’s resolution, it’s just conincidental timing.

I officially feel ready. Now if I could just freaking sleep.


5 thoughts on “The Beginning

    • A mish-mash. I honestly can’t have sugar, I’m addicted and have a problem. Weight watchers allows it, and that works for people with portion control issues, but sadly that’s not it for me. So I’m using WW as a support group, and counting points on a Keto type diet. 😉 keeping it simple- youbknow


  1. Two things that I personally use to feel like I want to go to bed:

    1.) getting lots of activity in the day to make me want to pass out ASAP (take a dance class)… which will usually result in rested sleep.
    2.) putting all devices away (phone, laptop, tv). and forcing nothing but a book. Facebook, blogging, and computer use in general will keep your mind too active to get ready for sleep.


    • I was already asleep I woke up – full awake at 1 am ready to start life. I tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t. Oddly enough after the blog I went right to sleep. Too bad I have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn for work


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